41. Forces of Nature

July 17, 2017

Alex and Ashley talk about K-Mart, Jennifer Garner, and Icees while discussing this 1999 romantic dramedy Forces of Nature starring Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock. Questions being raised involve the sanctity of marriage, why you should never listen to a Steve Zahn character, and how on Earth entire airports closed because of one minor incident.

GP Wrecks: IKEA and Slime

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40. Working Girl

July 9, 2017

Alex and Ashley discuss the 80s classic movie Working Girl starring Melanie Griffith (haver of future yawn Dakota Johnson), Sigourney Weaver (haver of Ashley's childhood haircut), and Harrison Ford (haver of our hearts). How much has working changed since the 80s for the ladies? Let's not discuss it with Tess, our main character, who keeps getting into whacky sexual assault scenarios at work. 

[BIG APOLOGIES for the shitty mic issues]

GP Wrecks: Amazon and Real Techniques Face & Body Blender

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39. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

July 2, 2017

Alex and Ashley go head to head on a controversial pick: 2004's Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! starring Topher Grace, Kate Bosworth, and Josh Duhamel. Did Pete mess up Rosalee's life by confessing his love for her? Should she have chosen Tad and live a lie? Why does Gennifer Goodwin's hair have that weird color streak in it? All valid questions that we're too drunk to remember if we covered.

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38. Never Been Kissed

June 25, 2017

Ashley and Alex engage in their first ever bi-coastal Garbage Punch to argue the moral gray area of Never Been Kissed. What's wrong? What's OK? What's definitely crossing a line with a student? Oh yeah, remember that Drew Barrymore is pretending to be a student? And her teacher falls in love with her? And David Arquette tries to grand slam a 16 year old gymnast? Roofus.

GP Wrecks: Preacher on AMC and Money $$$

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37. Herbie Fully Loaded

June 18, 2017

Ashley and Alex drown in Traveler's Club Vodka to rehash the car wreck Herbie Fully Loaded. WHAT does this have to do with Memento?! Only time (and listening) will tell. Peak Lindsay Lohan and bicep muscle-y Justin Long steal the show from the horny car. 


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36. Memento

June 11, 2017

Ashley and Alex delve into Christopher Nolan's confusing art film Memento. You know what makes this movie more confusing? VODKA. And lots of it. Like, too much of it. WHAT IS THE TRUTH?!!1!! Ashley brings down the whole room by comparing this movie to her brain tumor so.... cool.


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35. Troy

June 4, 2017

GARBAGE PUNCH! TAKE IT; IT'S YOURS. Up this week: 2004's Troy starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom in what is, undoubtedly a movie that was foolishly marketed to straight dudes. Alex and Ashley loved this movie in their tweenaged years and tolerated it enough to watch it again for this podcast.


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34. High School Musical

May 28, 2017

WHAT TEAM? Garbage Punch! 2006's trashiest excuse for a musical is up for discussion in this week's episode. How the hell was Ashley Tisdale the best in this movie and we didn't realize it for 11 years?! Kenny Ortega's choreo game is fire. Will Applebee's sponsor us because we got mucho cocktails to record this? ALSO a new segment about who is the daddiest. 

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33. Legally Blonde

May 21, 2017

Ashley and Alex discuss Ashley's mom looking like Jennifer Coolidge (again), how the romance of this movie was really eggagerated in their mind, and how THIS ISN'T HOW COURT WORKS. Also on the docket: was Boston a big place to set movies b in the d? Who is John Witherspoon? and Is the phrase baby daddy too simple?

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32. xXx

May 12, 2017

Ashley and Alex ponder why movies were allowed to be shitty in 2002, if Vin Diesel is a candy-ass who actually showed up to act, and paw print tattoos in their coverage of this terrible extreme sport/action/super spy/racist piece of garbage. Garbage Punch Wreck-o-mends: The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu and Chris Gethard's Career Suicide on HBO. 

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